Our Leadership

Our Leadership


The book of Philippians, written by Paul to the Christians in Philippi, demonstrates the organization of the local church in the first verse, Philippians 1:1. All groups grow in the right direction and function efficiently as a result of proper leadership. The leadership of the University Oaks Church of Christ exists according to the pattern laid out in New Testament Scripture.

This local congregation is blessed to be led by four spiritual shepherds - men who the members of this church willingly submit to for their guidance. Qualifications for elders (bishops, pastors, or overseers) are given by God in the books of 1 Timothy and Titus. Elders do not have legislative authority, but, rather, make decisions in harmony with God’s Word and based upon years of experience. Our shepherds are:

Travis BesselmanTodd RobertsKent RoyaltyMitch Usrey


Additionally, eleven men have been chosen to fill necessary roles based upon qualifications outlined in Scripture and their willingness to serve the local congregation. These Deacons fulfill various duties needed by this local congregation, and allow the Elders to spend their time shepherding the spiritual needs of the flock. Our Deacons are:

Jimmy BuczekDoug FreemanRyan Harrison
Eddie KiperDaniel LasaterJosh Maldonado
John RoacheJohn SalyersDavid Soto
Carl TenneyRandy Walter


Tyler Sams is the full-time evangelist supported by the University Oaks Church of Christ. Weekly, and as otherwise needed, brother Sams presents lessons from God’s word. These lessons may be from the pulpit, or in the classroom, or even in private studies with members of this congregation as well as members of the community.

Tyler Sams

The congregation also seeks to encourage young men who may desire to preach the gospel. Toward this goal, the church actively participates in a training or mentorship program in which beginning evangelists may gain experience and guidance.

Additionally, the University Oaks Church of Christ supports more than 60 other evangelists throughout the world. God has truly blessed this congregation with the ability to support men whose life work is to share the gospel.